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the arena clinic

the arena clinic is a new and exciting clinic which is be staffed by highly skilled physiotherapists treating all musculoskeletal and medical problems.

We have rehab equipment as yet not accessible to the South of the country which will facilitate all those attending to a quicker return to health.

The chartered physiotherapists at the arena clinic are approved by all main insurers including VHI, AVIVA, Laya Healthcare, Glo Health, Garda Medical Aid.

Open to both members and non-members.

Opening Hours

Moday - Friday 08:00 - 20:00

For more information, please contact the clinic:

Tel: +353 (0) 21 4904760











Superfeet Now Available at the arena clinic


Every insole we design is based on the proven principles of podiatric medicine to help you achieve:

  • Improved shock absorption
  • Ideal skeletal alignment
  • Increased comfort and performance
  • Improved footwear fit and durability
  • Increased stability and balance
  • Decreased foot pain and fatigue

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Sports Medicine Clinic

A Sports Medicine Clinic will run on Tuesday afternoon from 14:00 - 15:30 and will be operated by Dr Brain Wiseman.

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Exercise Referral Programme

The Mardyke Arena UCC GP Exercise Referral Programme provides a safe pathway for people with various health problems to become more active and more healthy. It is a positive partnership between your G.P. and Mardyke Arena UCC. If you have not been active for a long time, we understand that you have concerns about your health or how to start being active.


The difference with this programme is that you will be exercising with people of similar abilities and ages, and a qualified exercise professional will be there to advise and encourage you throughout.

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 Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

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***Check out our Anti-Gravity Treadmills*** 

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