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Regular Exercise can reduce risk of Breast Cancer

21st October 2009



Regular exercise can significantly cut a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer, a new study shows.

Researchers found that older women who worked out for an hour a day, or just seven hours a week, could cut their chance of developing the disease by 16 per cent.


The exercise had to be of moderate to vigorous intensity but could include walking, hiking, swimming and some strenuous forms of gardening to have the protective effect.

The study looked at the exercise history of more than 110,000 women who had all who had gone through the menopause, the group most at risk of developing the disease.


They found that those who had exercised regularly for the last 10 years had cut their risk of developing breast cancer.


However, regular exercise at a younger age appeared to offer no protection from the disease.


The research team, from the American National Cancer Institute in Maryland, believe that the findings could indicate that exercise regulates sex hormones, which have been shown to drive growth in some cancers.


The findings were published in the medical journal BMC Cancer.




- Kate Devlin

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