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Exercise Tips for All

13th September 2011

Make Exercise a Regular Habit
Exercise is the key to a healthy, well toned and fit body. Start small - a little at a time. Be amazed how you will build on your start. See the benefits after a short period. This is a great time of year to walk.

Look for situations to be Active
Walk instead of driving - when you can. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Do a little gardening. Walk to the next bus stop.

Always Eat Breakfast
Breakfast is the critical jump start your day needs. Skip breakfast and you are always playing catch-up. No breakfast results in low energy levels.

Reduce your Portion Sizes
It is a fact that if we weigh too much then we are probably eating too much. Sometimes we are eating very healthy foods but we are eating too much of them. Reduce your portion size - always leave room for more.

Drink Plenty of Water
Drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily. Helps to flush out the body and can be very refreshing.

Find a Buddy to Support You
You have a greater chance of succeeding if you have someone sharing the challenge with you. You will be more inclined to commit to your goals and to continue.

Set your Goals
Be realistic. Don't think about the long term goal. Set small acheiveable goals. Be proud of little achievements. Many little achievements adds up-to one big acheivement.

Setbacks are Challenges
God knows we will never be perfect and so we will break out from time to time. Consider these as minor bleaps and get back up on the horse the next day. If we can stick to this commandment - we are on our way.

Believe in Yourself
You can do it but you must be prepared for the certainty that you will have many good days and some bad days. You probably wont ever win Miss World or Mr. Universe - who cares? You can be fitter, healthier and happier by just believing in yourself and you will have far more energy to enjoy life with!

Reward Yourself
Appreciate your achievements - no matter how big or small. Find time for yourself - to do what you want to do and make it just for you!

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