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West Ham United train at the Mardyke Arena UCC

10th July 2013

West Ham United were the welcome guests of Mardyke Arena, University College Cork during their pre-season training camp in Cork, last week.

The West Ham squad joined the Mardyke Arena, using the treadmills, exercise bikes and cross-trainers before utilising the gym and hydrotherapy pools.

Before the hard work began, though, the players posed for photographs with dozens of children attending the Summer Camps and captain Kevin Nolan presented the Hammers' new 2013/14 adidas home shirt to Mardyke Arena general manager Patsy Ryan.

"We used the facilities at the Mardyke Arena UCC for an active recovery session," explained fitness coach Eamon Swift. "The exercises the players did in the gym were all low-impact.

"They then went down to the gym, where the players did a metabolic circuit, which involves each individual doing a circuit containing short bouts of intense work followed by short rest periods, speeding up the burning of calories.

"The players also did some foam roller work to stretch and strengthen their muscles before using the hot and cold pools in the hydrotherapy suite to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage."

Swift said the visit to the Mardyke Arena UCC also served as a welcome change of scenery after two solid days of work at the Fota Island Resort.

"This is the first week of seven weeks of preparation and, rather than building their fitness quickly, we are going for a gradual progression through our pre-season planning.

"We have had two days on the pitch and this was a day of active recovery ahead of two more days on the pitch and another pitch session on the morning of our game at Cork City on Sunday, so this breaks it up."

Check out the video below of the Hammers' recent visit

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