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Player and Athlete Recovery Sessions

29th January 2015

The Mardyke Arena will now run Player and Athlete Recovery Sessions and the sessions will run every Monday morning from 07:00 - 08:00.


1 hour sessions incorporating;

  • Trigger Point Foam Rolling
  • Hydrotherapy and Contrast Water Treatment
  • Mobility and Stretching Exercises


About the Sessions

  • Achieving an appropriate balance between training, competition stresses and recovery is important in maximising the performance of players and athletes.
  • The Mardyke Arena recovery sessions offer a range of recovery strategies to help attain this balance.
  • Contrast water therapy has been found to effectively decrease post exercise lactate levels (Coffey et al. 2004; Hamlin 2007; Morton 2006; Sanders 1996).
  • Foam rolling is a common form of self- myofascial release that is often used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes after a workout with a view to reducing muscle soreness and promoting quicker recovery.
  • Research has proven that foam rolling significantly reduces delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS) amongst athletes. (McDonald 2013)
  • Classes are facilitated by Clinic Staff member Andrew Burns BSc MSc


Introductory Offer

  • Members €5 per class
  • Non Members €10 per class


Places must be pre-booked in advance and can only be reserved with payment.

Please contact the Clinic Reception on 021 4904760 to book your place.






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