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Performance Analysis Lab

Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis

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The Mardyke Arena Performance Analysis aims to assist with achieving the goals and ambitions of a team/individual. The service provided is one of capturing, evaluation, analysis and education.

These services enable management, coaches and players alike to identify reference points whereby training plans can be put in place to improve the overall performance. This service speeds up team learning and allows individuals or teams to plot areas of success and progression.

What is Performance Analysis?

  • It is the ability to break both an individual and teams performance down into its component parts, so as to get a better understanding of what is required to improve performance.
  • It is the ability to use specific information to inform individuals and/or teams on an area to improve and develop, regarding both understanding and developing technique.
  • It is the ability for both individuals and teams to see and interact with their own performance and to identify ways to improve.
  • It is the ability to set goals, as analysis can be both qualitative and quantative. Specific targets can be set to see if improvements have been made.

Our Services

Post-Match Analysis
Analyse every aspect of performance after the match. An invaluable, objective tool for assessing your players and team from single or multiple games.

Opposition Analysis
Helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of upcoming teams and players: informing tactical decisions and improving team preparation.

Live Performance Analysis
Allows you to review key match incidents as they happen, give immediate feedback to players and make more informed tactical changes during games.

Research & Consultancy
We understand that every club has different needs, so we offer each of our customers a service that’s unique to them.

Our Products & Hardware

SportsCode V8
SportsCode is a revolutionary video coaching tool that analyses any combination of play - by player or type of play – even while the game is still being played.

Designed especially for coaches and players, this video analysis system enables us to gather vital information on team dynamics and individual performances.

Key Benefits

  • SportsCode V8 enables us to workwith High Definition Video
  • We can collate all your game day statistics and unique KPI’s right within SportsCode – and instantly view them
  • We can share information faster than ever with the ability to output video and statistics live across a LAN, to the web or mobile device
  • Support to educational video learning within the university

AP Capture
The AP Capture Mobile Tripod solution provided by AnalysisPro Ltd is a completely outdoor and portable solution that utilises a high quality HD IP Camera. With a hydraulic pump, the IP Camera can quickly be raised to 6 metres in the air where it remains stable and can be further secured with the guy ropes provided. The camera is controlled with smooth, instant and simultaneous movement patterns by a joystick connected to a laptop running AP Capture. AP Capture records a HD video file directly onto the laptop and mixes in sound too, so you have a file ready to use in your performance analysis processes.

Key Benefits

  • Fully outdoor compatible
  • Integrated capture and control software
  • Uses high quality IP Cameras

MyTPE (Team Performance Exchange)
MyTPE is an online athlete management system built around the sharing of files in a secure environment, so that team members can login to their own personalised website, view/download these files and then comment around them to encourage communication and development away from direct contact. Built around this central functionality are a variety of tools which teams can use to track member involvement and development, along with recording and easily viewing a variety of personalised team data. Communication tools also allow you to organise a team with messages, notifications and a powerful calendar.

Key Benefits

  • Online platform that can be used on any computer, tablet or phone
  • Keeps your team organised in one place
  • Watch back videos and comment around them
  • Check who has used files and when
  • Gather lots of data from your team and easily find key markers within it

MyTPA (Team Performance Analyser)
MyTPA is a powerful online video analysis tool that can be used on any modern device and browser. This means that you can always access your analysis from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. If you already have an existing video analysis process with a timeline based software, MyTPA can further enhance your workflows and work with the data you have created through the universal XML file type. This means that you can upload your timeline data from another video analysis software to view that online with MyTPA, or export an XML from MyTPA so you can view the online analysis in that system.

Key Benefits

  • Online platform that can be used on any computer or tablet
  • Analyse videos with personalised highlight schemes
  • Share your projects with others for them to view and analyse further
  • Import/export XML files to make MyTPA work with other video analysis tools
  • Allow viewers to create playlists of key clips with notes
  • See who has been using your projects

Endzone Telescopic Tower
The EVS telescopic tower is ideal for videoing any sporting event. The EVS is the only telescopic tripod that can be raised or lowered by a powerful winch system. Get an unrivalled view of the action. This is the ideal tool for capturing your individual/ team performance.

Dartfish is the ultimate solution that makes your daily routines easier by covering all the video needs for technical and tactical analysis within a team and individual. In addition to tagging, the software has a full range of the most advanced functionalities to communicate and give visual feedback, analyse tactical performance and share video or analysis with the team or on the web.

Key Benefits

  • Improves communication with your team and players by bringing them face-to-face with their own performances
  • Makes it easier for players to understand your coaching comments, the corrections and adjustments they need to make and the objectives you want them to reach
  • Presents powerful performance reviews 

SMARTSPEED™ is the world's first Reactive Training and Testing System. Unlike typical measurement only sports technology, SMARTSPEED™ actually enhances your training, testing or research environments on a daily basis.
The system can be used to train and assess critical aspects of sports performance - speed, endurance, race-pacing, reaction time and decision making, in all land-based sports.

Key Benefits

  • Athletes can be educated using hard data in controlled yet highly specific situations.
  • Objective real-time athlete feedback for every drill, every session.
  • Suitable for all athletes – from teaching juniors basic visual skills.

The Arena has a variety of high-definition, high-quality cameras, suitable for filming of all teams & individuals games and training sessions.


For more information, please contact:

Nora Aherne

Mardyke Arena UCC

Tel: 021 490 4762