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Superfeet Premium Insoles are now available at the arena clinic

About Superfeet
Superfeet Worldwide, Inc. is the revolutionary leader of the insole industry. Originally a sports division of one of the world’s leading podiatry labs, Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, Superfeet began designing and manufacturing custom insoles in 1977 with the mandate to provide more affordable orthotics to the general public. Since then, their product line has expanded to include Trim-to-Fit and Easy-Fit Premium Insoles for every type of sport and casual activity, in every type of footwear.


Every insole we design is based on the proven principles of podiatric medicine to help you achieve:

  • Improved shock absorption
  • Ideal skeletal alignment
  • Increased comfort and performance
  • Improved footwear fit and durability
  • Increased stability and balance
  • Decreased foot pain and fatigue 

For further information or to book an appointment please contact the arena clinic on 021 490 47 60