Fitness Classes

The Mardyke Arena UCC offers a wide range of fitness classes suitable for all levels and abilities. We run both general fitness classes and Energise Your Life (Over 55’s) classes. Whether you wish to get fitter, lose weight, tone up or increase flexibility, we have the class for you. Our highly experienced instructors will help you achieve your goal.

Total tone is designed to target the whole body with exercises to focus on the upper body, lower body and core. It is suitable for all levels; each class will involve a variety of different activities to target the different areas. From aerobics style high intensity to low impact conditioning and finishing with a total body stretch.

Ready to give indoor cycling a spin? This 45min class helps you to burn fat, improve heart health and increases muscle endurance, while also giving your legs a serious workout. An instructor will lead the class through a series of terrains with the use of a projected screen. Whether it is a mountain climb through the French Alps or city spin in New Jersey, get ready for a great class. Suitable for all levels.

Kettlebells give pumping iron a completely new meaning. With its Russian background, this cast-iron weight resembles and ball with a handle. Many exercises are dynamic and ballistic, which will get the heart rate up and work every muscle in the body. If you have been doing the same workout, Kettlebell training can breathe a new life into your exercise routine.

Do you want lean and strong legs, a firm bum, and a toned stomach? Then this class is for you. While focusing on these areas through a repetitive series of lunges, squat jumps, and crunches using your own body weight, it is a fun filled class to lose weight or simply get fit.

This class will focus in on your core body, with exercises to work you from head to toe and give you a complete workout. The exercises are designed to target a variety of muscle groups, increase your strength, endurance and burn fat.

The use of a raised platform with varied heights suitable for all users. It has all the benefits of a high intensity class but without the stress on your joints. The class involved stepping on and off the platform to choreographed routines.

Punch and kick your way to fitness with this high adrenaline workout. This high energy class is great for burning calories through a mixture of high and low-impact movements while also building lean muscle, toning up, increase heart health, and improve lung capacity.

Join the party… there is no Work in this workout. This class features exotic rhythms with high energy Latin and international beats. Have fun and dance the class away.

Unleash your inner animal. High Intensity Interval Training, which you give 80-100% effort through quick intense bursts of exercise followed by sometimes a short active recovery, will result in burning calories long after the class is finished.

Flow class is designed to cultivate heat in the body with creative sequences involving sun salutations, and a strong focus on flexibility and the power of breath awareness. Yoga Flow tend to be more vigorous, aerobic and has a variety of music and themes.

The Coach By Colour® monitor makes training simple. The monitor display lights up in one of five coloured zones that match your work rate, so you know what intensity you are working at. You can expect to leave feeling totally re-energised and satisfied by this sweat-inducing workout that brings out the hardcore in all of us. Suitable for all levels.

This class takes place on the 1st Thursday of every month. Get the most of your Coach by Color class. FTW is the best single marker for fitness in cycling.

Exercising in water provides a supportive environment for your body. The buoyancy of the water reduces your weight on impact, resulting in much less strain on your muscles and joints. This makes aqua aerobics a good choice of low impact fitness class for those new to exercise, those who can’t move easily, and those who want to get fit and lose weight. Suitable for all fitness levels.

In our dedicated Indoor cycling studio this virtual class will transport you to the mountains of Austria, the downhill sprints in Italy or the rolling hills of the Sonoma Coast USA all from the saddle.

This class fuses together our Pilates and Stretch & Flex Class. Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or going all day long, this class aims to build core strength, flexibility and improves posture awareness, which is sure to challenge you from start to finish.

This class uses a Swiss/Exercise Ball, which requires extra balance, instead of exercising on a flat surface it forces the body to respond to instability of the ball, requiring your muscles to engage more. A great overall workout.

This is a class which brings awareness to posture, positioning, and control with the aim of creating long, lean muscle structure, while gaining strength and improving posture! Combining the principles of Pilates and Yoga it will bring awareness to body, mind, and spirit, Suitable for all levels. Let’s start the day well.

This intensive class is a full-body, high-intensity workout, focusing on endurance, strength, and flexibility with little rest in between. Class duration is 45 minutes. Participants are asked to bring a mat with them.