Clinical Pilates

The arena clinic offers small Clinical Pilates classes which are led by our chartered physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy led Pilates classes are specifically tailored for those who are prone to neck or low back pain and those who wish to prevent the onset of back or neck pain. Research supports the use of Pilates exercise in the treatment of acute and chronic back and neck pain. The main theme of the class is maintaining a central core of stability in the region around the lower back, pelvis, neck and shoulders. 

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in dealing with people who suffer with back and neck pain. Attending physiotherapy led Pilates classes means that you will also be gaining from the knowledge of our physiotherapists who have vast clinical knowledge. Our physiotherapists can tailor the rehabilitation exercises to you. 

Aims of Physiotherapy led Pilates Classes: 

  • Improve posture and body awareness 
  • Improve flexibility, co-ordination and balance 
  • Develop strength and endurance of the core abdominal muscles and hip stability muscles 
  • Improve breathing pattern and aid relaxation 
Upcoming Course Schedule

Upcoming course information will be updated here shortly.