Yoga is a dynamic and clearly structured practice, which connects the movement of the body with the flow of the breath.

Yoga promotes strength, flexibility, stamina and efficient postural alignment as well as stress release and well-being. Each class includes breath work, sun salutations, and a series of standing and seated poses, a mindful introduction to backbends and inversions and relaxation. The instructor demonstrates the poses, explains the technique and offers modifications as required, which makes the course ideal for those who wish to progress at their own pace.

Upcoming Courses

The Mardyke Arena UCC will run the following course(s) during each 6 week block:

18:00 – 18:50 Beginner Yoga Studio 4 Lisa

Note: More courses may be added at a later stage. We also run a number of yoga classes on a Pay As You Go basis, click here to view our Fitness Class Schedule.

Upcoming Courses

Course Block Courses Commence Week Of: Booking Opens 
January 2023 Monday 9th January 2023 Monday 19th December 2022
February 2023 Monday 20th February 2023 Monday 30th January 2023
April 2023 Monday 3rd April 2023 Monday 13th March 2023
May 2023 Monday 15th May 2023 Monday 24th April 2023
June 2023 Monday 26th June 2023 Tuesday 6th June 2023

Course Costs

  • Member / UCC Staff: €75
  • Non-Member €85

Ashtanga Vinyasa class will provide you with high intensity flowing sequences, coordinating breathing to body movements in preparation for meditation, which is usually done at the end of each class, For those who already train or practice other sports and physical disciplines regularly.

Traditional Hatha Yoga will combine some flowing sequences of poses, as well as
focusing on posture foundations and correct body alignment. There will also be some breath work, meditation and relaxation towards the end of each class.