Survey Result & New Booking Process

17th February 2022
Survey Result & New Booking Process

On Tuesday 8th February 2022, we began the process of asking our members to let
us know their preference as to how we might control access to our swimming pool and fitness
gyms going forward.

In our members vote over the past week we presented 3 options:

1. Option 1 – Return to pre-COVID access procedure
2. Option 2 – Continue as we have been operating i.e. booking but with no queuing or front door
3. Option 3 – Continue with booking system for the fitness gyms, no queuing or check-in at front
door and no booking required for swimming pool

The result of the voting is as follows:
Option 1 34% | Option 2 23% | Option 3 43%

2,009 votes were cast with a combined total of 66% indicating a preference for continuing with
some form of a booking system. As Option 3 is by far the highest % of votes cast we wish to
confirm that Option 3 will be introduced from Monday 21st February 2022.

Click here to download information guide on new booking procedures.