Terms & Conditions

Please see the below terms & conditions in relation to the arena clinic.

the arena clinic policy on payment terms

Kindly note that payment for your treatment is due on the day of your visit. It is the policy of the the arena clinic not to offer credit or extended terms or to allow charges to accumulate. the arena clinic staff do not have the option to sanction or offer payment terms that differ from the company policy. We no longer accept cash at the reception desk in the arena clinic. Payment can be made online or onsite by debit/credit card (tap or chip & pin).

Non-attendance for scheduled appointments are chargeable in full. Clinic policy is not to charge for cancellations of scheduled appointments if notice is provided at least 48 hours in advance of the time allocated.

Rates for Mardyke Arena UCC Members, UCC Students, Postgraduates and Staff
Reduced charge rates are available for Mardyke Arena UCC members, students, postgraduates, and staff. To avail of the reduced rates attendees should provide current valid Mardyke Arena UCC Membership / UCC identification.