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Reformer Pilates

The arena clinic at the Mardyke Arena UCC are now running Reformer Pilates Courses & drop in classes throughout the year.

The Courses & Classes will be led by specifically trained reformer Pilates instructors in our designated Reformer Pilates Studio.

If you have a recent or recurrent injury we advise that you book in for a one-to-one reformer/physiotherapy session with one of our Physiotherapist before joining a course. You can book an appointment by contacting the arena clinic on 021 490 4760.

Booking for all Reformer Pilates Courses & Classes can be made via the Mardyke Arena UCC App which is available to download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Course/Class Schedule

Due to COVID-19 and current operational restrictions, courses will not run until further notice. We endeavour to reintroduce the above courses, as soon as it's safe to do so and in line with public health advice.

What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is spring-based resistance training which challenges and develops muscle strength, flexibility, balance and improves bone density.

We teach clients how to correctly engage core and pelvic floor muscles while carrying out a series of whole-body exercises. Small classes mean that your instructor will be able to safely monitor your form and technique to ensure you are safe and getting the most out of the class.

The spring-based resistance will be modified to suit your individual ability and strength.

As you improve we will continually challenge you by changing the resistance on the reformer and reducing your base of support – which means you gradually and safely learn to control your movements with your core and with better alignment and posture.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

  • Rehabilitate spinal and postural dysfunctions
  • Increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility
  • Improve balance, coordination and posture
  • Core and pelvic floor conditioning for men and women
  • Small classes ensure unique individualised guidance from your physiotherapist
  • All over body conditioning
  • Improved mobility

Course/Class Descriptions

Beginners Course/Class
An ideal place to begin if you have very little or no experience in Pilates (mat or reformer). The course/class is also suitable for those who have some experience in mat or reformer Pilates but have not done any in a while and would like a refresher of the concepts and moves.

This course/class will introduce you to the reformer and the variety of exercises that can be done on it. Your instructor, will assess your breathing control and core strength and ensure that you feel comfortable with how to contract the core and pelvic floor muscles (this is important for both men and women).

Your instructor will teach you how to protect you joints, spine and muscles. We include education filtered through the classes – on bone health, injury-prevention tips and how to transfer and apply what you learn into everyday life. With a different class plan each week, you will progress and be challenged as your confidence and form improve. We will correct and monitor your form throughout each class, ensuring you are using your body safely and to the best of its ability. As classes are small your instructor will be able to modify the class to suit individual needs.

This course/class will refine your technique, challenge you and build muscle and bone strength.

Beginner Flow Course/Class
This course/class is a beginner level course/class but is also suited to experienced clients. The classes are set at a slower pace and the focus is on continuous effective use of core and pelvic floor muscles. The slower pace means that the client has time to channel the correct muscles and learn how to effectively utilise them through movement while also learning how to incorporate engagement of the core into everyday activities.

There is also emphasis on breathing control throughout, pelvic floor recruitment and deep stretching. This is essentially mindfulness through movement.

Intermediate Course/Class
Ideal for those who have a solid level of experience in mat or reformer Pilates, who are not carrying any recent injuries and who are looking for a new challenge in a safe environment. Your instructor will teach you how to protect you joints, spine and muscles. We include education filtered through the classes – on bone health, injury-prevention tips and how to transfer and apply what you learn into everyday life. 

We use props (resistance bands, balls, rings, dumbbells etc.) to keep challenging you safely. The course/class is aimed to strengthen the entire body from deep abdominal core muscles that support the spine and organs to those stubborn areas like sides of tummy, glutes and back of arms.

Mixed Ability Course/Class

This course/class suits those who have experience with Reformer Pilates and also those with some experience in mat Pilates. If you are not carrying injuries and want somewhat of a challenge as well as plenty of variety in class and an all over body workout this course will be suited to you.

Post-natal Course/Class
Adequate recovery after giving birth is vital, whether you have had a C-section or a vaginal-delivery, your core and pelvic floor rehab are a priority. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other mums and is a fun and social way of starting exercise after giving birth. Our post-natal courses are physiotherapy-led and are designed to increase core strength and stability and to monitor for and avoid diastasis recti. The courses are challenging and we will incorporate education throughout as well as ensure that you performing exercises such as squat and lunge etc. properly, important if you plan to return to general gym classes.

You will need to be 6-weeks post-delivery and we will require a letter from your GP stating that it is safe for you to exercise.

Our crèche facilities are available while you attend class if needed, but baby must be at least 3 months old.

We also offer one-to-one classes if you prefer and you are welcome to bring baby along to that.

Course Rates

  • Mardyke Arena UCC Members & UCC Staff €100
  • Non-Members €120 

Book now by downloading the Mardyke Arena UCC App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.