Strong core, strong spine – invest in your body and your health by trying Reformer Pilates at the Mardyke Arena

12th August 2019

Your core is like a cylinder in that the deep abdominals are the walls, the diaphragm is the roof and the pelvic floor muscles are the floor/base.

We need this cylinder to be well trained so that we can easily recruit these essential muscles for most activities of daily living, when lifting, walking, running, playing sport and to support good posture.

Our instructors are experienced and will invest in your progress over the 6 week course. Class numbers are small (max 8 people per class) so we will be able to ensure each individual is properly engaging the core and learning week-on-week.

The classes are challenging but equally we can adjust springs for you if for example, you have some shoulder discomfort. The reformer is very adaptable which allows us to adapt classes to suit individual needs. With a range of different class levels we hope to provide everyone with a course that suits you.

If you prefer to have a one-to-one class initially this can be arranged and our chartered physiotherapist Jacqui (who also teaches classes) will see you for as long as you need so that you feel competent and confident in your ability prior to joining group classes. She will also be able to advise the most suitable class for you going forwards.

Our classes are designed to teach you how to move better, to be able to communicate better with your body, thereby enabling you to recruit your muscles better through movement which will protect your joints.

The resistance the reformer provides will promote bone remodelling and the stretching will reduce stiffness and importantly teach you how good you can feel with a few simple stretches. We lose flexibility as we age which affects balance and interferes with joint range of movement.

We want to teach you what you have control over, how you can invest in your health, by improving flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Give these courses time as learning how to move better doesn’t happen overnight, like anything it takes practice, but this class will allow you to switch off to a certain extent, trust in your instructor and learn something new week-on-week.

Choose which class-type suits you best and join Alanna, Katie and Jacqui weekday lunchtimes and evenings for a challenging and variable exercise programme.

Lastly, we are looking forward to opening a new studio soon and we have added a new class level to the range we already have.

Beginner Flow

This class is a beginner level class but is also suited to those more experienced in Pilates. The class is set at a slower pace and the focus is on continuous effective use of core and pelvic floor muscles. The slower pace means that the client has time to channel the correct muscles and learn how to effectively utilise them through movement while also learning how to incorporate engagement of the core into everyday activities. There is also emphasis on breathing control throughout, pelvic floor recruitment and deep stretching. This is essentially mindfulness through movement.

Please click here to read the descriptions of Beginner, mixed and intermediate level classes.

If you would like to book one-to-one with Jacqui please contact Maeve in the Physiotherapy Arena Clinic on +353 (0) 21 4904760 or email –

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